CEZD Partner Contributions

How do CEZD members contribute their expertise

  • Signal Rating:

    Partners rate signals that come into the KIWI technology for one week per month as "Revolving Raters"

  • Ping Rating:

    Ping polls are circulated by email 2-4 times per month with signals of interest for all active members of the community to rate.

  • Monthly meeting attendance:

    Members are asked to share their expertise on current emerging disease issues, and support the core team by providing direction on the annual priorities.

  • Engagement in National Webinars and Discussions:

    Members may share their work in CEZD webinars, or engage in National discussions on important issues.

  • Leading or participating in the production of Risk Products:

    these can include Risk Profiles and Rapid Qualitative Risk Assessments that can be shared across the community.

Partners Expertise

 CEZD Partners have a Broad Range of Expertise, We Are:

  • Animal Health Network Coordinators

  • Animal Health Program Managers

  • Animal Industry Sector Specialists,

  • Biostatisticians

  • Computer Engineers

  • Epidemiologists

  • Entomologists

  • Laboratory Directors

  • Medical Doctors

  • Microbiologists

  • Policy Analysts

  • Public Health Experts

  • University Professors

  • Veterinarians

  • Virologists

  • and many other health professionals


The CEZD Membership Map

The map identifies the organizations of the professionals that are engaged with CEZD. We currently have roughly 221 active members on the CNPHI platform that are represented on the map.

Members are from a variety of sectors including:

  • Academia
  • Public Sector (Municipal/Provincial/Federal)
  • Industry
  • Various Animal Health Networks across Canada

Approximately 264 members are passive recipients of the weekly intelligence report and are not represented here.


Below is a link to the map in PDF format:

CEZD Stakeholder Map