• What is the purpose of a PING?

    To gather feedback on issues related to emerging and zoonotic diseases, CEZD uses single question surveys using CNPHI's PING technology.

  • What issues qualify as PING questions?

    A PING may constitute a signal that receives high ratings within the KIWI system, seems unusual or unexpected, or an urgent matter requiring timely feedback. CEZD members can also submit any questions they may have to the community in the form of a PING

  • Who is involved and how long does it take?

    PINGs are sent to all active CEZD members and they receive anywhere from 20 to 35 member replies within a period of 24-48 hours.

  • What happens next?

    PING results may trigger a search for more information, an interdisciplinary discussion, or a scoping meeting - depending on the issue this may lead to additional analytical and reporting activities, such as: the development of a risk profile, an analysis of hazard entry pathways, or a rapid risk assessment.

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