Project Phase 2013 - 2016

 Building the Tools and Founding the Community

The CEZD project phase lasted for 3 years. The community focus during this time was to build the capability and capacity of a One Health Early Warning Network. The objectives of the project were to achieve: integration of information and intelligence sources; collaborative analysis of information via a shared platform (CNPHI); and timely distribution of intelligence products.

Implementation Phase 2016 - 2018

 Enhancing Capability and Capacity

A key priority was to establish reliable production of the weekly intelligence report. This report is widely distributed to animal and public health networks across Canada. We also worked hard to improve both our technological capability to produce intelligence and our capacity by engaging more experts in the community activities.

Sustainability Phase 2018 - Present Day

 Improving the Processes and Strengthening Relationships

Long term network sustainability depends on ongoing partner support in CEZDs various activities and reports as well as the effective use of resources.  Since 2018, the partners have focused on expanding CEZD’s processes, and strengthening relationships. During this period an enhanced intelligence report was created in order to better meet the community’s needs. Additional efforts were made to begin to understand mechanisms to share information that is not yet public.

CEZD Support

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Since 2013, the CFIA has provided a Coordinator, a Senior Analyst and administrative support to undertake the daily work of the Community

The Animal Health Science Directorate has funded face to face meetings of the community, resources for website development and graphic design.

CFIA Risk Assessors have been instrumental in leading the creation of risk products upon important signals.

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The Canadian Network for Public Health Intelligence

CNPHI has provided a platform for CEZD activities and worked with the community to develop the tools for automated information mining and information sharing.

The CNPHI team continues to provide technical support to the members, and evolve the KIWI technology with support of the CEZD core team for the Zoonotic and Emerging Program.