One Health Initiatives Tool

The One Health Initiatives tool has been created with the support of the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System. The tool allows searching for One Health Initiatives in Canada, along with the ability to filter the initiatives by name, topic, scope, species, region, lead organization, and group type as well as by date range. A .csv download function is available so the information is more readily useable. 

A fillable form is available for the addition of initiatives that may not yet be included. 

COVID-19 Resources

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Government of Canada

The government of Canada provides advice on SARS-CoV2 in animals, and recommendations for how to manage the potential risks arising from human animal interactions.

SARS-CoV2 in Animals Dashboard

The SARS-CoV-2 in Animals Dashboard is a public interface housed on the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System Website. It displays cases of SARS-CoV-2 infections in animals in Canada, which are confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease. The dashboard is interactive and can be searched by species, province and date or time period.
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References for Different Species

A summary list of animals with references to their susceptibility to SARS-CoV2 

Monkeypox Resources

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Government of Canada

The Government of Canada provides situation updates on Monkeypox cases in Canada. Public Health Agency of Canada
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World Health Organization

The World Health Organization provides updates on Monkeypox cases globally, epidemiology, and common symptoms. WHO.
Image of the CDC logo, which includes a dark blue circular background and white text, which says CDC in the center and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention around the edge of the circle.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides information about Monkeypox transmission and susceptibility in different animal species.


Outbreak Case Map.

Monkeypox and Animals Information

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World Organisation for Animal Health

The World Organisation for Animal Health provides answers to common questions regarding Monkeypox in animals. WOAH.
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Qualitative Assessment of the Risk of Monkeypox Infection in Pets

The Government of the United Kingdom provides a qualitative risk assessment of the introduction of Monkeypox into domestic animal populations. UK Health Security Agency.
Image of the Worms and Germs logo, which includes black outlines of four people surrounded by animals on a brown background.

Monkeypox Risks to Domestic Animals

The Worms and Germs blog provides an overview of Monkeypox risks to domestic animals, as well as discussion of human transmission. Worms and Germs.

Brief Intelligence Reports

CEZD Rapid Literature Review - Influenza Virus Replication in and Transmission through Mammary Glands/Milk 2024 05


The summarized scientific literature in this review are experimental or field studies in cattle, swine, ferrets and human breast cells, with limited information available from recent years.

CEZD Rapid Literature Review – Influenza A and Dairy Cattle 2024 04


A literature review of what is known about Influenza A and Dairy Cattle

Infosheet - Getah Virus in the Canadian Context 2023 07


Getah virus (GETV) is an emerging vector-borne disease that primarily affects horses and pigs, but may cause disease in a variety of species. This Info-Sheet supplements the Getah Virus Fact Sheet by the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC, 2021) by summarizing the known competent GETV vectors within Canada and the viral host range. It provides additional information on Canada’s vulnerability to the future GETV establishment.